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Range of Effects

Rounding of Distances
Q: Should the measured distances be rounded to the higher or lower whole number?
A: The distances shouldn't be rounded at all. A fighter standing 60.5 cm from a marksman who has a maximum range of 60 cm is simply out of range.

Damage Rolls

Double 6 and location
Q: Is a double 6 considered to be located at the head?
A: No, a double 6 is a special Exceptional Wound whose location is not taken into account.

Double 6 and Sacred Armor
Q: Does Sacred Armor make its wearer immune to Exceptional Wounds? Does this also work with a double 6?
A: Yes, a double 6 is an Exceptional Wound so the wearers of the Sacred Armor are immune to it.


Number of miniatures represented by the same reference card
Q: Is it possible to represent from 1 to 3 miniatures per reference card, no matter how many miniatures are supplied in the blister pack or box?
A: Yes. A card can represent from 1 to 3 miniatures no matter the situation and even if the text on the card says otherwise (the Wolfen Great Fangs are therefore not limited to 2 miniatures per card).

oczywiście w naszym przypadku pierszeństwo mają zasady ligi

Preparing the Activation Sequence
Q: Are the cards in each Activation Sequence to be shuffled at random or does each player freely choose the order in which they are placed?
A: Each player organizes his activation sequence as he pleases.

Reserve Maximum
Q: Some game effects allow additional cards to be placed in reserve. Is the reserve's capacity limited to a certain number of cards?
A: No.

Reserve: A contradiction in the example?
Q: In the section on "Drawing Cards", on page 29 of the Confrontation rule book it says that the player who has the lead must do one of the following actions, including this one: "Place the top card of his activation sequence in reserve and play one or several cards that he already has in reserve."
Yet the following sentence is found in the section entitled "The Reserve" (further on the same page in an example): "Yet the player cannot place another card in reserve, even if he plays the one that he previously placed there."
Isn't this contradictory?
A: No, because in the example from which the second excerpt is taken the player has lost the Tactical roll and can therefore place only one card in reserve. At the beginning of the example it is explained that the player has already placed his first card in reserve. When he gets the lead again he therefore can no longer place cards in reserve, even if he plays the one already there.

Accumulation of force during a simultaneous charge
Q: For a charge by several fighters against the same opponent to be considered as being simultaneous, do the charges have to take place during the same activation phase or during the same turn?
A: For several charges to be simultaneous (and the force of fighters to be accumulated), they must take place during the same turn.

Q: If a fighter in rout is charged or engaged before his activation, he flees. It is also specified that a fighter in rout flees as soon as he is activated if he is free of any opponents. Does this mean that a fighter can flee twice in the same round?
A: No. If a fighter flees before his card is played, he is considered to have already been activated.

Incantation and Divination

Area of Effect of Spells and Miracles

Friendly fighters
Q: Can spells and miracles with an area of effect of "one friendly fighter" be used on the magician or faithful himself?
A: Yes, unless mentioned otherwise. It can happen that "This spell/miracle can be cast on the magician/faithful himself" is specified. This detail is added if applying the effect to the magician/faithful may seem unclear.


Q: Some abilities, such as Bravery and Fanatacism, give the fighter a bonus when he places all his combat dice in attack. Can this bonus be acquired if the fighter keeps one combat die in reserve thanks to the "Fencer" ability?
A: Yes. However, the bonus is only applied once the fighter has assigned the reserve die to attack. For example, if he uses the reserve die for his second attack, then the bonus does not apply for his first one.

Q: Let's say a fighter has three combat dice and the "Fencer" ability. When placing his dice, the player controlling him places one die in attack and one die in defense. The third one is kept in reserve as permitted by the "Fencer" ability. Before his opponent's first ATT roll, he announces sustained defense. This causes his reserve die to be automatically placed in attack. He therefore ends up with more dice placed in attack than in defense, which normally forbids him from using sustained defense. How should this situation be managed?
A: The rule says that to be able to use sustained defense the fighter can not have more dice in attack than in defense when placing his combat dice. In this example the second die is placed in attack later on, so the fighter therefore has the right to perform a sustained defense.

Q: What exactly are the exceptional movement and firing possibilities that a marksman with the "Harassment" ability has?
A: A marksman with the "Harassment" ability can:
- Walk, fire, and then walk again.
- Fire and then run.
Example: A Kelt hunter with a MOV of 10 and the "Harassment" ability can:
- Move 10 cm (or less), fire, and move another 10 cm (or less).
- Fire and then move 20 cm (or less)

Q: Let's say an undetected Scout is standing on the only path that one of his opponents can take. Can the latter ignore him and pass through or is the Scout an obstacle?
A: The Scout is an obstacle. His opponent therefore cannot pass through or engage him; he is surprised by the ambush.

Q: If a fighter has the "Sequence/3" ability but his ATT and DEF values are respectively 6 and 5, can he nevertheless benefit from three additional combat by reducing his ATT to 0 and DEF to -1?
A: No. A characteristic can be reduced to 0 but can never have a negative value. In this kind of situation the only way for the fighter to be able to get the three additional combat dice thanks to Sequence/X is by having a one-point bonus in DEF.

Q: How is the "Toxic/X" ability to be used when making a master strike?
A: The use of the "Toxic/X" ability can be announced before any Attack test, be it a master strike or a normal attack. If the use of this ability is announced before making a master strike, then this attack simply benefits from the effects of Toxic/X.


Downloadable Artifacts
Q: Can the cards that were downloadable from the Confrontation web site still be used?
A: No.

The Asterion (Zeiren)
Q: Seeing that the attack no longer sets the difficulty level for his attacks, how is the Asterion to be used?
A: When Zeiren succeeds a counter-attack he can activate the Asterion's power (this choice must be announced before the Attack test gained thanks to the counter-attack is made). If this attack is successful, then the strength of the blow is increased by a number of points equal to the final result gotten for the attack that was the object of the counter-attack.
Example: Zeiren (DEF 6) is fighting a Goblin Bushi (ATT 3). The bushi is getting ready to attack and the Devourer player announces that he is attempting a counter-attack with Zeiren. The bushi gets a 3 on his Attack test, which gives him a final result of 6. To counter-attack, Zeiren has to get a final result of 8 (6 + 2) or more on his Defense test. He rolls a 4, which gives him a final result of 10. His counter-attack is therefore successful. Before proceeding with the attack gained thanks to the counter-attack, the Devourer player announces that he is using the Asterion's power. If Zeiren's attack is successful, then the blow's Strength is increased by +6 since the final result gotten by the bushi for the attack that was the object of the counter-attack was 6.

Runes of Healing (generic artifact)
Q: It is specified that a rune of healing can be given to a magician or faithful, even if he isn't a Character. Does this mean that they cannot be given to Characters who are not magicians or faithful?
A: No. All Characters have access to runes of healing. In addition, all magicians and faithful (including Warrior-Monks and Warrior-mages) can take them, even if they are not Characters.



Firebrand Ogre
Q: On the ogre's card it says that the goblins can fire even if the ogre is moved by more than his MOV value. Yet the Confrontation 3 rules specify that engaging and charging are exclusive actions that forbid firing. The firebrand ogre therefore cannot do an assuault and fire during his activation.
A: No, he cannot. However, this capacity allows him to both run and fire during his activation.

Dwarves of Tir-Na-Bor
Q: In Confrontation 3 the Mountain Warrior has lost his capacity to reduce Wounds. Does he benefit from the "Hard-Boiled" ability instead?
A: No.


The Hound of Scathach and demonic auras
Q: Being a formor, can the hound of Scathach be given a demonic aura (like the formor fiends)?
A: No. Only the fighters for whom they are specified can use these auras.

Daikinee Elves

Arrows of Alabaster (Kaeliss the Silent/Wolfen clan box)
Q: Is arrows of alabaster reserved to Daikinee Characters or can it be used by any Daikinee equipped with a bow?
A: Arrows of alabaster is an artifact. Consequently, it can only be used by Daikinee Characters equipped with a bow.

Goblins of No-Dan-Kar

Black Troll: the Armripper
Q: When a black troll wounds his opponent in the arms, is the loss of a combat die immediate?
A: Yes.

Q: When a black troll makes his opponent lose a combat die during a combat, which player decides if an attack or defense die is lost?
A: The player controlling the victim.

Q: Is the loss of a combat die following the ripping off of an arm permanent?
A: Yes. The victim has one combat die less available for every combat in which he is involved.

Limbo of Acheron

Q: Are the Crane warriors considered to be zombies?
A: Yes.

Dwarves of Mid-Nor

Colony of Ephorath: War-staff
Q: Is it possible to include a standard-bearer and a musician in an army of the colony of Ephorath?
A: No, these items are not a part of those that can be bound to this colony. On the other hand, one can form a war-staff with Yh-Karas if the army is not specifically bound to the colony of Ephorath.

Colony of Ephorth: Characters
Q: It says that for the colony to be considered complete, it must include one Character for every 200 AP. Does this mean that an army of 399 AP can include only one Character?
A: No, this rule only implies a minimum of one Character per 200 AP; it does not impose a maximum limit. Any army of the colony of Ephorath can include as many Characters as you wish, as long as their accumulated value isn't more than 50% of the army's total value.

Orcs of Bran-O-Kor

Trackers of Bran-O-Kor
Q: If a tracker is equipped with incendiary jars and doesn't have an AIM value, does he gain the "Assault Fire" ability and the "Rapid Reloading" capacity?
A: All Character Warriors are endowed with these two capacities. Those who don't have a range weapon simply can't benefit from them. If a Character warrior acquires a ranged weapon, then he can use Assault fire and Rapid reloading.
Attention! Only Character Warriors are endowed with these capacities. Non-Character trackers, pure magicians, and pure faithful therefore can't use them, even if they are equipped with incendiary jars.

Orcs of the Behemoth

Q: The "Endurance" ability is not mentioned in the appendices of the Confrontation 3 rulebook. Is this an ommission? Do the orcs of the Behemoth still have the right to use it?
A: This ability is specific to the orcs of the Behemoth. It still works in Confrontation 3 as described in the gaming aids of Cry Havoc, volume 2.


Wolfen Packs
Q: The generic rules on "factions" have been revised and leveled. The text is supposed to replace the one on each faction's introductory card: by replacing "faction" with "Wolfen pack" one therefore gets the rules that now apply.
Nowhere does it say that exceptionally for the Wolfen, the pack leader gets the Leadership/15 as was the case before the Third Edition was released.
Does this mean that the pack leaders who don't have Leadership/X printed on their card don't have Leadership at all any more (even if this prevents them from getting the mark of savagery)?
A: The generic faction rules are revised in Confrontation 3 to make the use of these particular armies clearer. In no way do they cancel the specific capacities bound to the factions of a people. The "Pack Leader" rule described on the back of the "Wolfen Packs" card therefore still applies.

The Horde of Dun-Scaith

Allegiance of the Horde
Q: In a band of Dun-Scaith, can Nemetis use the litanies of the Meanders of Darkness (the horde being affiliated to this camp) or can he use the litanies of the Paths of Destiny (the Devourers being affiliated to this camp)?
Hence, can the faithful summon ira tenebraes or sylvan animaes?
A: The rules say that no Immortal of Destiny can be included in the army's composition. This means that neither of them can join the horde's ranks before the battle. They can, however, be summoned in the usual way.
In short, Nemetis cannot call miracles that are bound to Darkness, yet he can call those of the Paths of Destiny, including the summoning of Immortals.

Special Cases


Q: Does each potion count as an artifact if it is the same type of potion? For example, can a Regular Character who normally can have only one artifact be given five minor potions of strength?
A: Each potion counts as an artifact, even if it is the same potion.

The celestial robes (Meliador the Celestial)
Q: This artifact's "Flash" effect prohibits a fighter from attacking the magician. What exactly does the term "attack" cover?
A: The fighter affected by the "Flash" effect cannot take the magician to be the direct target of any of his actions: assault, attack, fire, spell, miracle, or special capacity.


Sacred Weapons against Sacred Armor
Q: Is the wearer of sacred armor immune to Exceptional Wounds inflicted by sacred weapons?
A: Yes.

Sacred Armor
Q: Do the effects of sacred armor also apply to blessed armor?
A: No.


Celestial Scourge
Q: How does the "Light artillery" effect of the "Celestial Scourge" spell work?
A: If the target is eliminated by the spell, then the magic projectile continues on its trajectory in a straight line and automatically hits the first miniature in its path. It continues on like this over a maximum distance of 30 cm as long as it eliminates its targets.

Q: Does this spell work against fighters endowed with the "Immunity/Fear" ability? If yes, with which value is the target's RES to be replaced with if its COU/Fear and DIS are noted as "-"?
A: Yes, this spell affects fighters with the "Immunity/Fear" ability. On the other hand it has no effect on fighters whose COU/Fear and DIS values are noted as "-". (See Errata)

Army Composition


Limitations of the contingent
Q: In the rules it says that an army shouldn't have more than five miniatures for every 100 AP. How can miniatures with a low AP cost be played?
A: Simply by enlisting fighters with a higher Strategic Value, such as Characters, Creatures, or Elite troops.

Incarnation and Adventure Mode

Q: Some cards, such as experience cards, mention an "adventure" game mode. Where can I get the rules for this mode?
A: These rules are no longer published. A new, similar concept is currently being developed and will soon be released.

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