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Dark Age CCG / card list + errata

Postprzez laurentius » 27 lip 2006, o 13:55


with Character Informations added by Antoine. Feel free to complete this list.

The Card List:

Card Name Type Artist Rarity

Abraham Character Brom R1
Acid Rain Instant Bradstreet R2
Acid Tunnels/Gymnasium/Energy Core Location Brom R*
Acolyte Character Brom U2
L:3 - C:4 - S:1 - W:1 - (10) - [6-10-12] - <8-11> - HD -
Aggression Instant Brom C1
Ain t Gonna Happen Instant Dorscheid U1
Ain t No Big Thing Victory Brom U1
Anticipation Instant Dorscheid U1
Artifact - Brain Expander Supply Berkey Chase
Artifact- Digger Bot Supply Berkey Chase
Artifact- Organizer Bot Supply Brom Chase
Artifact-Pleasure Bot Supply Berkey Chase
Artifact-Wise Leader Supply Berkey Chase
Assassin Skill Bradstreet R1
Attack Shield Weapon Higginbotham U1
Attack Wasps Weapon Higginbotham U2
Bad Doc Leader Leader Dorman R*
Bad Luck (L) Instant Berry C1
Bad Reputation Supply Dorscheid R2
Bane Character Brom U2
L:3 - C:3 - S:1 - W:1 - (8-11) - [8-10] - <10> - MC -
Banger (Named) Character Bradstreet/Goleash C1
L:2 - C:4 - S:0 - W:3 - (9) - [8-10-12] - <10> - SV -
Banger (Generic) Character Bradstreet/Goleash C1
L:2 - C:4 - S:0 - W:3 - (9) - [8-10-12] - <10> - SV -
Banshee Warrior Character Bolton C2
L:2 - C:1 - S:0 - W:0 - (8-11) - [10] - <11> - WR -
Bar / Rooftops / Water Hole Location Brom R*
Big Boy Must Go Down Victory Brom R1
Bio Farm / Dumping Grounds / Forest Location Brom R*
Black Market Supply Dorscheid R1
Blessen Character Brom C2
L:3 - C:4 - S:0 - W:1 - (11) - [6-10-12] - <10> - BD -
Blood Ritual Instant Brom R1
Bloodless Leader Victory Brom U1
Bluff Skill Brom C2
Bobby Gun Weapon Higginbotham C1
Bounty Hunter Skill Bradstreet C2
Brain Stimm Weapon Higginbotham C1
Brass Character Hale R1
Bravery Skill Bradstreet U1
Bribe the Recruit Instant Dorscheid U1
Bribe the Trainer Instant Hale C1
Bribery Instant Brom U2
Briggum Character Bradstreet U2
Bunker Character Bradstreet U1
L:2 - C:3 - S:1 - W:2 - (9) - [6-10-12] - <8-11> - SV -
Buster Character Dorman R1
Can t Touch This Victory Brom U2
Chastity Character Bolton R2
L:3 - C:4 - S:1 - W:0 - (9-11) - [8-11] - <10> - WR -
Chem Mask Weapon Higginbotham C1
Chop Shop Supply Dorscheid U1
City Leader Skill Dorscheid U2
Clean the Sewers Instant Post C1
Coil Character Bolton U2
L:2 - C:3 - S:2 - W:2 - (9) - [10] - <10> - WR -
Corrosive Fuel Spray Weapon Higginbotham U2
Cutter Arm Weapon Higginbotham C1
Death Dervish Grenade Weapon Higginbotham C1
Death Disk Weapon Higginbotham R2
Defector Instant Brom C1
Defensive Posture Instant Bolton C1
Depository/GravField/TransportTubes Location Brom R*
Disciple of the Fall Character Zeleznik C2
L:2 - C:3 - S:1 - W:1 - (11) - [6-10-12] - <8-11> - TM -
Dodge and Hide Skill Hale C2
Dredge Holes Supply Dorscheid U1
Dreg Surfer Skill Brom C1
Enhanced Optix Weapon Higginbotham C2
Fame Skill Brom C1
Field Medic Skill Brom R2
Fiend Character Patrick Ho U2
L:2 - C:4 - S:1 - W:0 - (8-11) - [8-10] - <10> - HD -
Find Weak Spot Skill Bolton R2
Flame Thrower Weapon Higginbotham R1
Flash Grenades Weapon Higginbotham R1
Foresight Skill Bradstreet C2
Fortune Smiles Instant Dorscheid C1
Frustrate Defense Instant Hale R1
Fuel Tank Instant Brom C2
Funny Little Pills Instant Hale R1
Get Out There You Big Lug Instant Hale U1
Get Shorty Instant Bradstreet C1
Get the Goodies Victory Brom U1
Gimme That Instant Bradstreet/ Goleash R2
Glue Cannon Weapon Higginbotham R1
Goliath Syndrome Instant Hale R1
Good Pickens Instant Brom U1
Goodman Character Dorman C2
L:3 - C:4 - S:2 - W:1 - (6-10-12) - [8-10] - <10> - MC/TM -
Grafter Character Brom C2
L:2 - C:3 - S:1 - W:1 - (9) - [8-10] - <10> - BD -
Grenade Weapon Higginbotham C2
Grenade Launcher Weapon Higginbotham U1
Grinner Character Brom C2
L:2 - C:3 - S:0 - W:1 - (10) - [8-10] - <10> - HD -
Grith Character Dorman U2
L:3 - C:6 - S:0 - W:1 - (13) - [4-7-9-11] - <6-8-9-12> - WK -
Hail Storm (W) Instant Brom R1
Head Gear Weapon Higginbotham U1
Heal Pouch Instant Brom U1
Heavy Armor Weapon Higginbotham R1
Hell Blade Weapon Higginbotham R2
Hell Storm (W) Instant Hale R1
Hero Victory Brom U1
Hidden Stores Instant Brom C2
Hit the Seams (L) Instant Brom C1
Holy Land Fever Instant Dorman U1
Holy Symbol Weapon Higginbotham R2
Holy Text Weapon Higginbotham U1
HooDoo Leader Leader Brom R*
HooDoo Totem Supply Hale R1
Hunter Supply Post R2
Hypnotism Skill Hale R1
I Hear Good Things Victory Brom R1
Imposter Instant Berry R1
In your Face, Ace Victory Brom R1
Initiate of Murk Character Brom C2
L:2 - C:3 - S:1 - W:1 - (9) - [6-10-12] - <8-11> - HD -
Insightful Arming Instant Bradstreet U1
Inspiration Instant Post C2
Interdiction Skill Brom U1
Intimidation Instant Brom C1
Intuitive Skill Bolton C1
Invest Leadership Victory Brom R1
Kaustic Character Brom U2
Killer Instinct Instant Hale U1
Knows the Land Skill Bradstreet/Goleash U2
Labrynth/SafetyTunnels/AcridFields Location Brom R*
Lady Luck Smiles Instant Berry C1
Leadership Skill Dorman U1
Light Armor Weapon Higginbotham R2
Lock Out Instant Brom R2
Looter (Pillards) Character Bolton U2
L:2 - C:2 - S:0 - W:1 - (10) - [8-10] - <10> - SG -
Luck (L) Instant Brom U2
Lucky Blow (L) Instant Dorman C2
Lucky Shot (L) Instant Hale C2
Machine Core / Sewers / Great Hall Location Brom R*
Manipulate Instant Brom U1
Marksman (Tireur d'Elite) Character Bradstreet R2
L:3 - C:6 - S:1 - W:2 - (8-11) - [6-10-12] - <8-11> - SV -
Martial Arts Skill Bradstreet U2
Maul Character Dorman R2
L:5 - C:5 - S:0 - W:0 - (13) - [6-8-10-12] - <10> - WK -
Meathook Character Dorman C2
L:3 - C:3 - S:0 - W:0 - (11) - [6-10-12] - <8-11> - WH -
Meet the Charge Instant Brom R2
Mercenary Leader Leader Post R*
Mesh Armor Weapon Higginbotham U2
New Options Instant Brom U1
Nice Try, French Fry Victory Brom U1
No Guts, No Glory Victory Brom U1
No Way, Jos Victory Brom U2
Nope (L) Instant Hale U1
Not in the Briar Patch Skill Brom U1
Not Quite Dead Instant Brom C1
Offensive Posture Instant Hale C1
Once More Into the Fray Instant Bradstreet R1
Pale Fighter Character Bolton C2
L:3 - C:4 - S:1 - W:2 - (9) - [8-10] - <10> - WR -
Park / Mega Mall / Factory Location Brom R*
Pastor Character Dorman C2
L:2 - C:3 - S:0 - W:2 - (9) - [8-10] - <8-12> - TM -
Patcher Character Hale C2
L:2 - C:3 - S:0 - W:1 - (9) - [6-10-12] - <8-11> - BD -
Patient Leader Supply Brom C1
Poisoned Blade Weapon Higginbotham U1
Political Bribes Victory Brom R2
Politicking the Draft Instant Brom R1
Power Fist Weapon Higginbotham U1
Preacher Skill Brom U1
Preveyor Character Dorman U2
L:3 - C:4 - S:2 - W:1 - (9) - [6-9-11] - <9> - WK -
Prudence Character Bolton R2
Psychotic Intern Supply Bolton R2
Purity Character Dorman C2
L:3 - C:4 - S:0 - W:1 - (13) - [6-8-11] - <8-9-11> - WH/TM -
Pyro Character Hale C2
L:2 - C:4 - S:1 - W:2 - (9) - [6-10-12] - <8-11> - SG -
Quartermaster Supply Brom C1
Quick Shot Skill Dorman R1
Quick to React Skill Hale C1
Quick to the Punch Skill Hale C1
Rally Round the Carcass Victory Brom R2
Ravage Character Brom C2
L:4 - C:6 - S:1 - W:X - (11) - [6-10-12] - <8-11> - MC -
Raze Character Brom U2
L:4 - C:6 - S:0 - W:1 - (11) - [5-7-9-11] - <7-9-11> - WH -
Razor Claw Weapon Higginbotham U2
Razor Wire Spring Trap Instant Brom R1
Reactive Shield Weapon Higginbotham R1
ReactorCore/Cathedral/MagneticCore Location Brom R*
Receive Council Instant Brom U1
Red Character Brom R1
Red Fungus Injection Instant Brom U1
Religious Fervor Instant Dorscheid U1
Riot in the Streets Instant Post C1
Rumble Time Victory Brom C1
Saboteurs Instant Brom R2
Sacrificial Lamb Instant Brom U1
Saint Mark Character Brom R2
Scar Gang Leader Leader Hale R*
Scorched Earth Instant Post C1
Scour Battlefield Instant Bradstreet C1
Search for Crew Instant Brom C1
Self-Destruct Bomb Weapon Higginbotham U1
SewagePlant/WarShelter/KillingGrounds Location Brom R*
Shade Character Bolton R1
Shepherd Character Brom C2
L:3 - C:5 - S:1 - W:1 - (9) - [6-10-11] - <8-11> - WK -
Situational Awareness Instant Hale U1
Skilled Mentor Supply Zeleznik R2
Sling Net Gun Weapon Higginbotham U1
Slum Lord Skill Hale U2
Smoke Grenade Weapon Higginbotham C1
Solitary Reflection Instant Brom R1
Sonic Distractor Weapon Higginbotham C1
Sour Victory Instant Hale R2
Speed Skill Berry R1
Spinning Spear Weapon Higginbotham R2
Stimm Treatment Instant Brom U1
Strik Character Brom U2
L:3 - C:4 - S:2 - W:0 - (11) - [6-10-12] - <8-11> - MC -
Strike to Stun Skill Hale C1
Sucker Punch Skill Berry C1
Sucks To Be You Victory Brom R2
Survivalist Leader Leader Bradstreet R*
Targeter Weapon Higginbotham C2
Teck Ear Weapon Higginbotham C1
Terrifying Scream Instant Bolton C1
Terrorist Bot Supply Berkey R1
That Thing is HUGE Instant Brom R2
Threats Instant Brom C1
Tool Kit Weapon Higginbotham U2
Trainer Skill Brom C2
Training Skill Brom R2
True Charisma Instant Matson R1
Venousa Character Zeleznik U2
L:2 - C:3 - S:0 - W:0 - (11) - [6-10-12] - <8-11> - BD -
Victory Dance Victory Brom R2
Vision of Paradise Instant Brom R2
Viz Noise Generator Weapon Higginbotham R2
VooDoo Doll Instant Brom R1
Warhead Leader Leader Brom R*
Warburn Character Dorman U2
Warknight Leader Leader Brom R*
Weapon Harness Weapon Higginbotham C2
Weaponsmith Supply Brom R1
White Reaver Leader Leader Brom R*
Wilderness Guide Skill Bolton U2
Wildeye Character Bradstreet U2
L:2 - C:5 - S:2 - W:2 - (9) - [6-10-12] - <8-11> - SV -
Wipeout! Victory Brom C1
Witness Leader Leader Dorman R*
Wrecker Character Brom U2
L:4 - C:5 - S:0 - W:3 - (13) - [6-8-11] - <8-9-11> - WH -
X-Cess Character Brom C2
L:3 - C:3 - S:0 - W:1 - (9) - [8-10] - <9> - SG -
X-Cite Character Hale U2
L:1 - C:1 - S:1 - W:1 - (11) - [8-10] - <10> - SG -
X-Otic Character Hale R1
You Ain t All That Victory Brom R2
You Ain t That Tough Victory Brom R1
You Just Try Instant Brom C1

R* denotes that each Starter Deck contains one Leader and one Controlled
Locations card. In addition, a Leader or Controlled Location replaces the
Rare card in every 10th (one out of ten) booster pack. There are two
versions of the Banger card. One is Generic and one is Named. For
gameplay purposes, Banger is considered Generic.


Escalation Phase:
For each player s first three full game turns, no attacks may be made
by or at that player and no Victory Points may be gained. These first
three turns are called the Escalation phase and allow players to get
characters into play and build a foundation upon which to base future
game activities.


Page 9, Set-up:
The info next to bullet #6 is switched; blue always indicates
Leadership and orange indicates Supply.

Page 12, Example at top:
The text indicates a cost of 2 to add the Skill, but the
illustration indicates a cost of 4.

Page 18, Leader Illustration:
The illustration is incorrect. The example on this page refers to a
Leader with a Draft Modifier of 1. The illustration is of the White
Reaver Leader, which has a Draft Modifier of 2. For purposes of the
example, assume the illustration s Draft Modifier is 1.


Banger appears in the set as both a Named and Generic character. For
play purposes, the correct version is Generic. Multiple Bangers can be in
play at the same time.


Can both players use the same Leader?
Sure. The Leaders represent warring factions of the same gang,
possibly from opposing City-States.

Is there a maximum deck size?
No. You can have as many cards in your deck as you desire, keeping
the "no more than 4 of any card" limit in mind.

Can I have more than 1 copy of a particular Named character in my deck?
Yes. This is a good way to insure getting a character into play, but
has the risk of clogging up your hand once the character is on the table.

Do wounds heal?
No. The only way to remove a wound is by using a character's special
ability or using a specific card effect.

If a character is wounded by a Poisoned Blade and the Poisoned Blade later
leaves play, do I still have to make Task rolls for the wounded character
(to see if the poison spreads)?
Yes. Once the Poisoned Blade wounds, the poison is injected and will
continue to spread regardless of the weapon's game status.

What happens if a card duplicates a number already present in a
character's combat string?
The duplicate number is ignored. A character can only ever hit once
on a particular number (so if a character has a "9" in his CC attack
string and gains a "9" in his combat string he'll still only hit once on a
roll of "9").

Can a character act the turn it comes into play?
Yes, except in the first three game turns (Escalation Phase) during
which no attacks may be made.

Do I automatically draw a card at the beginning of each of my turns?
Yes. The rule is draw whatever you discard, plus one. If you discard
0, you'll draw 0+1, or 1 card.

Are Artifacts available in starter decks? How often do they appear?
Artifact cards are "chase" cards and are only available in boosters.
They appear at the rate of approximately one or two per booster display

What about Leaders and Locations?
Each starter deck contains a Leader and a Location. In addition, a
Leader or Location replaces the rare card in about 1-out-of-10 boosters.

What's the breakdown of a booster pack? How about a starter?
A booster consists of 1 rare, 3 uncommons and 6 commons. A starter
deck contains 4 rares, 19 uncommons, 45 commons, 1 Leader, 1 Location, 4
dice and a quite attractive rule book.

What does the Fuel Tank icon mean?
Some weapons have the Fuel Tank icon on them. This means that the
weapon is discarded when used, UNLESS you have a Fuel Tank card in your
hand at the time, which you can elect to discard instead.

Can I use my Leader's Class to fulfill the requirement on Class-specific
Yes. If a Class-specific Instant matches the class of your Leader (as
indicated by the Leader's name) you may play the Instant.

Can I use my Death Disk to kill an opponent's characters before they have
a chance to return fire?
Yes. The Death Disk says that it is used prior to the DF round, so a
character killed by it would be dead before the DF round begins.
Dave Gentzler, FPG Netdood(tm)

Escalation Phase-
For each player's first three complete game turns no attacks may be
launched by or at them. This first three turns is called the Escalation
Phase and gives players a chance to get characters into play and build a
solid defensive foundation before combat begins.
*****END ADDENDUM*****

If your answer is NOT from fpgqna@aol.com, it's NOT official! Assuming, of
course, it's about an FPG product...
Send questions, comments or Bribery to fpgqna@aol.com
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Dark Age CCG / card list + errata

Postprzez TaTaR » 28 lip 2006, o 09:46

No jesteśmy z Laurentiusem po pierwszych dwóch grach i gierka jest naprawdę fajna. Rzeczywiście trochę przypomina bitewniaka Fakt, że jednak sporo wymaga rzutów kostkami i tym samym jednak element szczęścia odgrywa niebagatelną rolę, ale to jak w kązdym bitewniaku. No i jedna gra trwa tak z kilka razy dł€żej niż jedna gra np. w magica. Ale grało się naprawdę przyjemnie i czekam na kolejne pojedynki.
P.S. Laurentius: ostro zmieniłem talię i teraz będziesz NAPRAWDĘ cierpiał :cool::D
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Dark Age CCG / card list + errata

Postprzez laurentius » 28 lip 2006, o 09:57

No ten Twój rzezior sprawił że już mocno cierpiałem... więc boję się myśleć co ma oznaczać tutaj słowo NAPRAWDĘ :)

To prawda gra jest bardzo przyjemna. Co do wyjaśnień na temat gry to dorzucilbym

FAQ pl
Czy postacie supportujące walczą tak jak postacie skojarzone w parach?
Zasadniczo tak. Jednak zadają zawsze 1 obrażenie niezależnie od rzutu.
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Dark Age CCG / card list + errata

Postprzez TaTaR » 28 lip 2006, o 10:21

ooooo ten ostatni FAQ rzeczywiście sporo zmienia...
A tak w ogóle to zauważyłem, że strasznie mało mam postaci. Nie wiem czy to ja takiego pecha miałem do starterów i boosterów, ale jak dołożyłem paru gości, tak, żeby miec mniej więcej połowę talii to nie bvardzo miałem z czego wybierać... no ale ciekawe jak się teraz będzie sprawdzać.
A ty Laurentius dokonałeś już przeróbek?
W ogóle to możemy sie kiedyś umówić na jakieś gierki i przy okazji spróbować powymieniać. korci mnie żeby zrobic sobie jakąś bardziej "frakcyjną" talię a nie wszystko na raz.
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Dark Age CCG / card list + errata

Postprzez laurentius » 28 lip 2006, o 14:00

No ja dziś zrobię remanent w moich wojownikach. Weekendowe wieczory u mnie są idealne na takie pogrywanie w karcianki więc jak coś to ślij tylko maila lub posta i z przyjemnością powalcze.
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"...tego jeszcze nie ma w Twojej wersji..." TaTaR testujący swoją grę z maciakiem

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