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Showcasing / Demoing Malifaux

PostNapisane: 7 cze 2012, o 09:01
przez Balefirestorm
Hi guys,

Me and Bopud are playing this intriguing and refreshing game, and we're wondering if there is anyone interested in trying this game out. I have quite a few crews and Bopud has a few as well.

The crews available from my side is the following:

Resurectionists (Necromancers):
Seamus the Mad hatter - A psychopatic serial killer and his undead women.
Nicodem the Undertaker - Master of undead summoning. If you buried it, he'll bring it back.

Neverborn (Nightmares, Deamons and monsters):

Lilith the Mother of Monsters - The Vampiric queen and her "children".
Pandora - The woman with the box filled with your worst nightmares.
The Dreamer / Lord Chompy bits - A small boy and his imaginary friends.

Outcasts (Mercenaries, the unwanted and redneck Gremlins):
Hamelin the Plagued - Bringer of disease and lord of the rats.

If you would be interested in trying the game out or just having a look at it, please just write or contact us.


Re: Showcasing / Demoing Malifaux

PostNapisane: 25 lip 2012, o 06:17
przez Balefirestorm
If anyone is interested, please just give me a shout. I will gladly demonstrate the game and bring crews so that you can borrow.

If you have any questions regarding the game, (models, rules and such) don't hesitate to ask. The plan is to get a working community going, with tournaments and events on a regular basis.


Re: Showcasing / Demoing Malifaux

PostNapisane: 23 sie 2012, o 07:38
przez Balefirestorm
I just wanted to add some more information regarding Malifaux if someone is interested.

- Malifaux is a skirmish game taking place in a Victorian/Western/Victorian/Horror/Steam-punk world. Most of the action is centered around the city of Malifaux.
- All players take control over a powerful Master and his/her crew of minions, out to perform a specific goal.
- Instead of using dice, Malifaux use cards to resolve its actions. You can either use a normal deck of cards or a Malifaux specific deck. In addition to normal "Flips" (rolling dice) every player has a separate hand of cards that you can use to change your "Flip".
- Before every game both (or more) players randomly "flips a card" to determine what the specific goal for your crew will be for this game. It can be anything from "Destroying evidence" markers placed on the board to "Assassinating" the other crew's leader and even get the cash in a "Treasure hunt". In other words: every game will be very different from the other.
- In Malifaux you can actually win the game even if your whole crew has been wiped from the board.
- A game of Malifaux is built around the combos you can create with the models you use. Ruleswise, every model can be compared to a Warcaster/Warlock. So expect a lot of combos.

There are at the moment 6 factions available. All factions have 4-5 masters and 1 (2 for Outcasts) Henchman available:

The Guild: They are the law in Malifaux and will do what they can to uphold the law. They make use of everything from Witch hunters to Zombie-slaying cowboys and Gunslingers.

The Resurrectionists: Necromancers in search of power and the secret of life eternal. Everything from a eccentric mortician to a mad serial killer gathers in this faction.

The Arcanists: Magicians wielding power outlawed by the guild. The Union workers, Ice savages and beasts of nature are used by these masters.

The Neverborn:
The orginial inhabitants of Malifaux. In their midst we find the nightmares and monsters of legend.

The Outcasts: Mercenaries, Cutthroats and Redneck Gremlins. This is the faction where all the wierd things gather.

The ten Thunders: Asian inspired crews that has just recently been released (GenCon). Lots of combos and fresh new looks.

I have quite a few crews available and will have more of them painted up in due time.

I really want to try and get this going and have a reasonable amount of free time to play. I also have quite a lot of different masters and crews to choose from, which I can lend a player if they're interested.

The crews I have available at this time is as follows:

Seamus - The Mad hatter: Psychopathic serial killer
Nicodem - The Undertaker: Zombie master
Dr. McMourning: Dr Frankenstein
Molly Squidpidge: Naive resurrected reporter

Lilith: Vampire Queen
Pandora: Mistress of fears and sorrows
Dreamer: Nightmares turned real

Victorias: Twin Mercenaries
Hamelin: The Rat king
Som'er Teeth Jones: Ill-mannered redneck Gremlin
Ophelia: Gremlin gunslinger

If you're interested or have any questions, please write here or Pm me. If you want to take a look at the game, here's the homepage:
On this page you can find the Rulebook and a lot of the rules for models from the first book (a lot of which I have written above).